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What makes the UK so attractive to fintech?

The recently published brochure, UK FinTech State of the Nation, summarises the UK's fintech industry and demonstrates the UK's attractiveness as a destination for innovation in finance.

The UK is a global fintech leader with investors putting more money into UK fintech in 2018 than in any other European country. The UK fintech sector employs over 76,500 people and generates a revenue of £6.6 billion pounds.

So what makes the UK so attractive to fintech? The brochure highlights the combination of the right regulation, policies and business environment. fintech businesses in the UK benefit from the historic strength of the UK in financial services and its draw as a place for international investment and capital raising. There are tax incentives for start-ups in the UK too including tax benefits for investors and R&D tax reliefs for the business.

"The UK and especially London is still the largest hub for startups with real incentives to be here like tax benefits for startups, equity investors through crowdfunding, R&D tax reliefs and a great ecosystem of very diverse talent from all over the World"


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