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Can adopting a PET improve your privacy?

As many organisations struggle to unlock the full value and innovative potential of their data, the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) has been exploring the role privacy enhancing technologies (or PETs) can play in helping to enable data sharing and analysis while protecting the privacy of sensitive data. In this article we look at the PETs adoption guide the CDEI has recently published to help organisations think about how PETs could be useful in their data driven projects, focussing on:

  • What is a PET?
  • What are their uses and limitations? 
  • How can the PET guide help your organisation?

We also briefly look at the work the ICO is doing in this area, in anticipation of publication of its full ‘Anonymisation, Pseudonymisation and PETs’ guidance. 

For more information, see our full article: Can adopting a PET improve your privacy? CDEI publishes new guide on Privacy Enhancing Technologies


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