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Digital developments in focus
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Unlocking the Potential of AI for English Law

We are really pleased to be working with the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford as part of the project ‘Unlocking the Potential of AI for English Law.’ 

In this project, members of the Slaughter and May team will collaborate with leading experts from educational, legal and technological sectors to explore the opportunities for, and barriers to, the adoption of AI in the legal sector. Of particular note is the consideration of the skills and training that are required to enable lawyers to capture value offered by data-driven services such as AI. In this regard, the project aligns closely with several work streams which are already under consideration or implementation within Slaughter and May as part of our innovation strategy and, as such, represents a valuable opportunity for us to work alongside leading researchers in areas of key interest to us, including the question of the skillset and training of our future lawyers.

It is very positive to see this type of cross-industry collaboration, and doubtless this will give the project a strong footing to unlock the potential of AI in legal services.

“The fulcrum of the programme will be research into training and educational needs for lawyers' engagement with technology and programmers' engagement with law. The team will develop education and training packages …that respond to these needs for delivery by both universities and private-sector firms.”